Thursday, September 17, 2009

John Locke: Second Treatise, of Civil Government

John Locke describes that the human race has states of Nature. The first state of Nature, is that, there should be a common consent of what is the standard of right and wrong. The Socond, is that there must be a indifferent judge in the states of Nature. People whjo are partial to themselves would not work for the job. Lastly, there must be correct execution/punishment when a man breaks the laws.
Locke believes that the individuals give the society the power. Which i believe to be true. The government shoul not have all the power so that the people are forced to an un-free world. If that were to happen in America, i would move to Europe (which i really do not wish to do)

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  1. Here it is clear that you read the Second Treatise on Government. You have the jist of the ideas but I think a bit more reflection on piece would have produced a more interpretative explanation. Be sure to check spelling and grammar. No excuse not to capitalize I.