Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Washington Post today

The Washington Post

1) Tiger in the Bunker: There was obviously something going on to make him crash in his driveway. He probably wasn't drinking but a family matter might have been at hand. Who cares? A lot of families get into fights, I don't understand why the post needs to write about it.
2) Seniors and drugs: This is a very informative article, the post needs to say more about these kind of topics and not if Tiger woods likes to paint his nails.
3) Seattle police killing suspect: The man killed 4 policeman and he think if he just walked around with a stolen gun from one of the officers, that he wouldn't be shot at by the cops. It was totally his fault.
4) 34,000 troops sent to Afghanistan: This is also another informative article. The people deserve to know what the person that they elected is doing in the office. He is hoping to have an "end-game" to the fight in Afghanistan. I hope that his plan works out.
5) 4 Guantanamo detainees get moved to Europe: Good.

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